Baltimore VA Benefits Office Reorganizing After Alleged Privacy Breach


This is what my site will be about the issues we face as Veterans to hopefully form a bond with the organizations that we must rely upon.

CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– More troubling news out of the VA Monday. The Baltimore Regional Benefit Office is reorganizing after what appears to be a privacy breach.

Pat Warren explains what went wrong.

The Veteran’s Administration, drawing fire for mishandling medical care, has more explaining to do.

A Baltimore employee of the benefits division was found with thousands of claims documents stacked in his office.

“Any time that you’re evaluating the problems, you’re going to find other issues and other problems. We need management to hold people accountable,” said Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger.

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The discovery resulted in the removal and restriction of the employee from his position. Management began sorting the documents and claim folders to determine which contain Social Security and other sensitive information and has directed audits of all staff office space.

The Veterans Benefits Office is separate from the VA Medical System but its problems…

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